Terrorist Birth Houses on American Soil?


A confidential source, who spoke to us on condition of anonymity, has provided some shocking information that needs to be heard. In a small town on the East Coast, a local government worker has discovered something utterly disturbing. There are supposed birth houses starting to spring up once again in the United States. Our confidential source stated that there were about 5 of these houses on one street in their own town alone.

So what in the world is a “birth house”? It is where pregnant women from different areas of the world are sent to stay to give birth to their children. The “birth houses” arrange a two-week stay for the expectant mothers. Once the baby is born, the entitlement Medicaid pays for the birth, and the mothers (and their new babies) then return to their home country.

This is important to note for a couple of reasons. First, it means that taxpayers are responsible for the bill because of the citizenship this method provides. Birthright citizenship in the United States refers to a person’s acquisition of United States citizenship by virtue of the circumstances of their birth. Under United States law, any person born within the United States is automatically granted U.S. citizenship. This is also known as the 14th Amendment.

The practice is known as “maternity tourism” or “birth tourism.” The mainstream media does report on this from time to time. However, the focus is primarily on the thousands of Chinese women flocking to America each year to give birth because the move opens up a range of benefits for foreigners. Sometimes, you will hear about this practice regarding the Hispanic population, but this is usually contorted to be an argument for amnesty. However, according to our source, not much attention has been given to those of Middle Eastern descent, which appears to be an increasing problem. What Americans need to draw from this is that the United States is being inundated, and the problem is increasing.

In the last month alone, our source has tracked 28 births of Middle Eastern descent in this single sleepy little town. Imagine the size and scope of this happening in more than one town, in more than one state, in more than one month. Based on the reports around the country in the last several years, it is safe to say this problem is much bigger than we know.

The modus operandi is as follows: an expectant mother goes on vacation in the United States. After the baby is born and Americans float the bill, the mothers request multiple copies of the birth certificate stating they need them to apply for passports and dual citizenship. Since their stay in the United States is only a couple of weeks long, the numerous copies are picked up in person rather than mailed. This is perhaps why the houses are difficult to track.

From a monetary standpoint alone, this is an issue. This tactic could be used to pay for education, later on, for entitlement purposes, and so on. From a National Security perspective, it could create numerous issues as well. The children born in these houses could eventually set themselves up for positions in government (including President) and other areas requiring citizenship. Think about the long-term repercussions. And then, of course, you have the worst-case scenario, an influx of trained terrorists that are legal U.S. citizens with all of the access citizens enjoy! This could be devastating.

Now, our source has attempted to inform the appropriate supervisors on this matter, so we can assume that the activity is being tracked on some level. The question then becomes, “Is anyone looking into or going to do anything about it?”

Once again, this is not a new idea. In San Gabriel, California 2011, neighbors complained about noise and many pregnant women coming and going. When officials entered a kitchen of one of the houses in question, they saw a row of clear bassinets holding several infants. Officials said the house was home to “maternity tourists.” In that case, women from China had paid thousands of dollars to deliver their babies in the U.S. to make their infant American citizens automatically. The key to the finding was that citizens in the neighborhood saw the odd behavior and reported it.

On Nov. 27, 2013, Time magazine’s Hannah Beech reported: “At least 10,000 such Chinese babies were born in America last year”. Many of these women pay businesses upwards of $30,000 and $40,000 to handle the logistics, hoping they will one day reap the rewards from their child’s U.S. citizenship. One such company, The Jia Mei Canadian and American Baby Counseling Services Center, handles airfare, housing, and citizenship paperwork for its customer’s newborns.

So what can be done to stop this? The debate over the 14th Amendment (adopted on July 9, 1868, as one of the Reconstruction Amendments) has raged on for years. This is why babies are given automatic citizenship when born in the United States. This is the reason and opportunity for such abuses to exist. Of course, the debate has focused primarily on immigrants entering illegally from developing countries in Latin America. Still, as demonstrated, the focus can be applied to people from around the globe.

Usually, the concern and reason for such activities or abuses derive from the entitlement system, which should technically not exist in this country due to Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution. The 14th Amendment allows a “loophole” in the spirit of the entitlement system. Remember, entitlements are a relatively new development in our country’s history, destroying the spirit of self-reliance and entrepreneurship that made our nation great.

The non-self-funded entitlement system is largely responsible for what will eventually be the collapse of our way of life due to ever-increasing deficits. Entitlement costs are growing at an alarming rate. The vast, expensive programs have caused much of the divide among Americans. No major entitlement program is projected to be financially solvent 20 years from now. We will go bankrupt over them, and when we consider the long-term effects of added problems such as “maternity tourism,” the consequences are almost incalculable.

Regardless, birth tourism is still a concern throughout the nation. Unfortunately, the State Department grants tourist visas and cannot deny visa applications simply because a woman is pregnant. It should also be noted that when these children turn 21, they may petition the United States government to grant their parents permanent residence status.

You can help uncover these potential birth houses in your area. Pay attention, see the signs, report the behavior, and spread the word. Birth houses are an ongoing threat.