The Dangers of Blind Nationalism


Blind nationalism is a problem. Oddly enough, Republicans tend to be much more willing to succumb to this than others. Still, none of us should confuse a zealous defense of Unalienable Rights with “Blind” Nationalism because that just clearly demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding or ignorance of the situation at hand. The person who is confusing the two is missing the point. In doing so, they endanger themselves and everyone around them.

Nationalism is typically the patriotic feeling or efforts towards one’s national platform or flag, and a feeling of superiority over other countries usually marks it. This feeling is often instilled by a common goal or a specific effort established by the leaders via their propaganda machine.

Blind nationalism is when someone has these feelings without ever examining what it is they think they believe or why they are having these feelings. This is where you get people saying “Merica” and rushing into a fight with anyone or anything that defies the Red, White, and Blue based on reasons as defined by the government’s or media’s interpretations of national or international events. Of course, this is also where you get people who say, “We’re #1” or “The Land of the Free” with absolutely no evidence to support such claims. Clearly, this is bad.

Sure, it is good to be proud of where you come from or of your national banner. However, I contend that such feelings should not be allowed to blind one to mistakes or tyrannical behaviors when others (such as your leaders) use such nationalism to further their personal or party agendas. This tends to be the issue at hand in the United States today. Sadly, many people (including law enforcement) are so indoctrinated that they have a hard time understanding the true issues we face as a nation and the erosions that our Constitution is currently experiencing.

What is the alternative? Well, you could always take more of a Constitutionalist approach to things. Of course, this would require reading and understanding the short documents known as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. After all, you cannot really be a Constitutionalist or even an anti-constitutionalist unless you know the Constitution.

We must all understand that today, the Constitution is being almost entirely defied by the government. This also clearly demonstrates that the Constitution is not really a representation of our current government, and it should provide us with a clue as to why things are as bad as they are. In other words, do not confuse the government’s actions with the banner it currently operates under, and do not confuse the government with the Constitution they are clearly not following.

My personal behaviors and feelings are geared more toward the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. For me, I could not care less what banner flies above them as long as such Rights are intact and are, in fact, unalienable regarding their use. This is not the case right now, hence my continual efforts to unite people in this simple idea.

Allow me to clarify something. When “Merica” is helping to destroy Constitutionalism, I am quick to resist “Merica” even though the two ideas are often seen as the same by the masses. Let me say this another way to make this point abundantly clear. “Merica” is simply the banner that these ideas currently find a home, a home from which these ideas are being evicted.

As I have demonstrated in my previous writings, there is not a single Right in the Bill of Rights that is not currently under attack from the government of “Merica.” Not a single one! The United States government is a government gone rogue. Does this somehow negate the existence or necessity of certain unalienable Rights? Of course not. Do the actions of said government negate the efforts of those who created this nation or their reasons? Of course not. So why do we continue to allow our perspectives to be contorted and follow along anyway?

The reasons and efforts of the Founders are often subject to debate because of the fundamental lack of historical information that the general public is somehow not privy to (courtesy of the government-run education), such as slavery, banking, etc. (Iserbyt, 1999). You are sadly mistaken if you think this is not on purpose at this point. Think of how many people look upon the Founders as greedy bigots when the truth is, more often than not, entirely the opposite. Do you think this was not on purpose? Do you think this is not part of the agenda to help destroy the foundation?

That is what separates the idea of Blind Nationalism and Constitutionalism. Nationalists tend to blindly follow the LEADERS of the Banner, whereas a Constitutionalist will methodically follow the principles and reasons why the banner was created in the first place.

So which are you? What are you doing? Are you jumping off the bridge because your leader is telling you to, or are you standing up for what is right – even if you do not agree? Who told you what the right thing to do was?

Let me provide you with a few examples to help you better understand my point:

•          Criminal Immigration would not be an issue for any of us if we did not “bend the rules” to enact entitlements.

•          Guns or even perpetual war would not be a problem if we did not “bend the rules” to increase the perceptual need for security or consumerism.

•          Tyrannical institutions such as the IRS would not be here if we did not “bend the rules” for convenience purposes.

Meanwhile, some people continually and repeatedly try to warn their countrymen of what is REALLY going on, and these folks are often shunned by the same people they are trying to enlighten. As a result, these warnings are often not heeded or even heard and usually because someone on the TV told them not to listen or to look the other way. The long-term result is not a good one. It is like taking meth. What matters right now is the “high” you get, not the decay you place on the body.

Then, of course, there are those who are so fed up with the government, its tyrannical institutions, their taxation, etc., that they completely write off everything (including the Constitution and the principles they stand for) because they feel as though these documents have somehow failed the people and allowed such tyranny to take hold. Well, let me use the meth analogy again. That would be like saying that you should give up telling your children about the merits of staying off meth only because 11 million Americans have already tried it.

I will repeat this again: The Constitution and the Bill of Rights have not failed the people. It is the people who have failed the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We have pledged our allegiance; not to the government, but to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the flag, which should represent these. Additionally, many have sworn an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. How many people do you think have actually read these documents? I think the answer is evidenced by how many are actually following through with the promise (not many).

As clearly demonstrated in my work, it is OUR fault because we refuse to examine. We teach our children to shut up and stop asking questions. We teach and have been taught conformity. The bad news is that none of this alleviates our responsibility or the long-term result.

Understand that it is not too late to ensure the survival of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Sure, the United States will more than likely have a dramatic change in regard to territory in the very near future, but we can still ensure the survival of these principles. We can unite on these principles. We can fight together for these principles. No matter our color, religion, or gender, it is our job to ensure the survival of our Unalienable Rights.

Do not kid yourself, though. Freedom does not last forever. Freedom is also not free. Freedom will be fought for over and over and over again. Perhaps it is just our turn to do the fighting. This is not a bad thing, though. It helps people appreciate freedom. It ensures that freedom is earned. Sure, it sucks while we do it, but it remains necessary all the same.

I also want you to ponder the idea that if it were not for the Bill of Rights and the Constitution that the government is currently pissing all over, we would not have a leg to stand on in regard to resisting such tyranny in the first place. I often refer to it as our legal precedent. We know the mission because the precedent has been clearly established by those who fought for the same. The foundation is key, not the contorted frame currently being experienced.

Let me say that it is great to love your country. Being proud of who you are and where you come from is great. However, it is another thing entirely when you blindly follow leaders who use the nation and its symbols to rob others of their rights or wealth. This is especially true when the nation and the symbols being used actually stand for the protection of such Rights and wealth.


      Blind Nationalism=Bad.


Remember the definition of unalienable or inalienable: unable to be taken away from or given away by the possessor. IE: cannot be licensed, adjusted, altered, traded, or taken away. Live by definition.

It is simple, but you need to examine something else if that definition is true. First, keep in mind that a license or permit is defined as “Official permission for something that would otherwise be illegal.” Does this change anything for you?

Look at everything we need a license for these days. Look at how many of our supposed Rights are altered for any number of reasons. Look at the liberties we have traded for the perception of security or political correctness. Look at all of the Rights which have been taken away or restricted. It is everywhere. It is right in front of our faces, and yet we do nothing; we say nothing, especially if it is not impacting us personally. Understand that by remaining quiet, we protect and defend nothing.

Blind nationalism is what has allowed our Constitution to erode. Republicans… you need to wake up. Blind nationalism has led to things like excessive taxation, countless unconstitutional laws, unconstitutional enforcement, and an unbelievable amount of corruption.

Supporting any of that because you dislike the other side is not an excuse. You are not always right, just like they are not always wrong. Perhaps you are starting to see why I despise the party system. George Washington warned us that partisanship would lead to inter-political conflict, divide the nation, and give rise to cases of tyranny.

“The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism.” – George Washington, 1796