The SPP90-Plus Quarantine Challenge


With everyone stuck at home and with gyms being a hit or miss on being open, I thought I would share a fun challenge that can be done at home and without any weights. It’s called the SPP90 Plus Quarantine Challenge. All you need for this challenge is you and a little bit of time. How much time is really up to you.

SPP90 Plus Quarantine Challenge consists of three exercises. The first is a body squat (S). The second is a simple pushup (P). And the third is a plank (P). The goal is to get past the 90-day mark in any or every category. I am sure this sounds easy for some, but this will kick your butt if you do it right.

So, here is what you do:

  • Day 1: One body squat, one pushup, and a one-second (saying “one thousand one”) plank. No rest between the exercises. Too easy, right?
  • Day 2: Two body squats, two pushups, and a two-second plank.
  • Day 3: Three body squats, three pushups, and a three-second plank.
  • Day 4: Four body squats, four pushups, and a four-second plank.

This continues until you fail. But when you fail, you continue as though you had not. Let me give you an example. Let us say you failed at advancing your pushups on day 20. Here’s how day 21 and 22 might look.

  • Day 21: Twenty-one body squats, pushups until failure, and a twenty-one-second plank.
  • Day 22: Twenty-two body squats, pushups until failure, and a twenty-two-second plank.

And let us say that you are still going strong on squats but have reached a peak in the other two categories. At this point, you just continue in the same fashion as before.

  • Day 34: Thirty-four body squats, pushups until failure, and plank until failure.
  • Day 35: Thirty-five body squats, pushups until failure, and plank until failure.

The challenge is to reach 90 days or beyond in any category. An advanced challenge is to reach over 90 days in all categories. Remember, there is no break between exercises.

What’s great about this challenge is that it doesn’t take a lot of time, space, or fancy equipment, and it uses highly effective exercises that engage your major muscle groups. Along with a proper diet, this challenge can help keep you strong and fit. But let me provide you with some added tips.

  • Once you reach the failure point in each category, take a three-day break, and then start over at day one.
  • Always warm-up with a five-minute brisk walk (you can also march in place).
  • Follow this challenge up a thirty-minute brisk walk (or march in place).
  • Drink plenty of clean water and follow a healthy diet.

Remember that the point of the SPP90 Plus Quarantine Challenge is to find your failure point. When you find it, rest for three days, and then face and destroy failure by chasing it again!

Keep an eye on your diet as well. In fact, you might enjoy my article titled “5 Nutrient Deficiencies That Might Surprise You.”

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