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The Pursuit of Profit – Evil Or Not?

It was recently mentioned to me that “In today’s world there is a growing segment of our society who view profits as wrong, as evil….

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Consider Campus Safety When Choosing a College

Campus safety should always be a consideration when choosing a college. This is because, much like the “real world”, some schools have more crime going…

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A Leadership Lesson About Change in Higher Education

In her paper titled Change in Higher Education: Not Enough, or Too Much?, Adrianna Kezar explores the many different elements that both encourage and impede…

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The Common Core Question – Things to Consider

Across educational settings, there has been a major push to standardize.  Local interests complain that such efforts rob local decision-makers and educational institutions from making…

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Student Loans: What Did We Think Would Happen?

You Took Out the Loan – Repay It! Is that really the best way to look at student loans? Let’s break down how this really…

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How to Avoid Overdraft Protection Fees at the Bank

Something that has been in the news quite a bit lately, is the high dollar amount that banks are getting for overdraft fees that they…

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The Story of a Pseudo-Transformational Educator

Think about how limited a painting would be when the canvas you wish to paint on is already dirty or narrow. Think about how fragile…

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The Student Loan Crisis – A Different Perspective

What follows is a clarification of a plan for dealing with a rising student loan bubble that can be fixed to our benefit. Read this…

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Is a Credit Card Crisis Underway

They call it a credit card; a small plastic card that allows the holder the ability to obtain goods or services before actual payment, based…

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Understanding Interest: Things to Know

Without a calculator or Google, can you answer the following questions? If I borrow $2500 for the year at 9.25% APR, what is the total…