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DeVos and the Charter School Initiative

Charter School or Public School? It may not be that easy of a decision. As someone who is not an “educator” in the traditional sense, I admit that my opinions of Education Secretary DeVos and her policies likely differ from some and probably for different reasons. I am also acutely aware that any leader will […]

The Pursuit of Profit – Evil Or Not?

It was recently mentioned to me that “In today’s world, there is a growing segment of our society who view profits as wrong, as evil. Corporations, companies, and others who pursue the profit motive are often considered mean, selfish, and unethical because it takes advantage of workers and the less fortunate.” This statement was then […]

A Leadership Lesson About Change in Higher Education

In her paper titled Change in Higher Education: Not Enough, or Too Much? Adrianna Kezar explores the many elements that both encourage and impede change regarding higher education as a whole. Her analysis demonstrates the obstacles colleges of all sizes will continually have to hurdle while providing suggestions on how to overcome these obstacles moving […]

The Common Core Question – Things to Consider

Across educational settings, there has been a significant push to standardize. Local interests complain that such efforts rob decision-makers and educational institutions of making relevant and appropriate decisions for their constituency. Arguably, the most significant undertaking of this type has been the advent of the Common Core Standards. Forty-one U.S. states have approved these standards […]

Student Loans: What Did We Think Would Happen?

You Took Out the Loan – Repay It! Is that really the best way to look at student loans? Let’s break down how this happened. After all, we cannot fix a problem unless we identify the problem first.   Let’s start with the fact that we sent our kids to government institutions of learning. We ensured that they spent most […]

How to Avoid Overdraft Protection Fees at the Bank

Something that has been in the news quite a bit lately is the high dollar amount that banks are getting for overdraft fees that they charge their customers. People are evidently shocked about the amount they owe due to using these supposed services. So let’s cut through the nonsense and educate ourselves on what is […]

The Story of a Pseudo-Transformational Educator

Think about how limited a painting would be when the canvas you wish to paint on is already dirty or narrow. Think about how fragile the mighty castle built upon the sand truly is. There is a lot of emphases these days on what a great leader is and how to become one. Many spend […]

The Student Loan Crisis – A Different Perspective

What follows is a clarification of a plan for dealing with a rising student loan bubble that can be fixed to our benefit. Read this through and do the math yourself – you’ll see what I mean. Before I dive in, let me begin with a quote from Thomas Jefferson’s “Bill for the More General Diffusion […]

Is a Credit Card Crisis Underway

Yes. And this is only the beginning. They call it a credit card, a small plastic card that allows the holder the ability to obtain goods or services before actual payment, based on the trust that payment will be made in the future. Some call it a lifeline, some call it a handy and convenient […]