Note the Correlations Between Then and Now


The following will be written in a somewhat historical style. Not for deliberate complication but for eliminating the plebs of which I speak. These plebs are likely unwilling to decipher the metaphors and contexts due largely to their inability to do so. If I could have written this in cursive, I would have easily solved the problem. And I write it this way for me as well because it is nice to write in a somewhat poetic style from time to time. Either way, consider this a classical vent session and enjoy as I demonstrate correlations between back then and now.

Shame on us. Shame on us all. These words come to mind as I review the news feeds as of late. This is because I see events that illuminate a path already blazed by history, a history known by very few. This is either due to a deliberate lack of examination or an education system determined to ensure you do not bother to look in the first place. The result remains.

We are a nation divided by petty and false claims made by those seeking to erect institutions that, too many before us, died to ensure their riddance. Most couldn’t comprehend. Don’t think your “side” is without blame either; this comes from BOTH sides of the proverbial aisle.

Yet ironically, it seems that the pawns and players of this coup do not know they are involved. If only the documents they swore and pledged their allegiances to could have been reviewed. Though I am not sure it would matter much, these people couldn’t be held accountable for it because the people meant to press them to have yet to review it themselves.

Is it the blind leading the blind or the ignorant following the apathetic? Hard to tell most days. Perhaps we should blame the history lessons that were provided… which were both half-heard and half-taught, which (mathematically speaking) leaves next to nothing of substance inside. Somehow it makes perfect sense when you discover who provides the lessons. Regardless – there is no Constitutional loyalty. Then again, you cannot be loyal to something you do not know or understand.

As a result, I see states refusing participation, citizens refusing participation, an ever-expanding and empowered central government, and hypocrisy at every turn – from both sides – sides even our Founders warned us to avoid. Where do YOU think it will end? Our nation knows not the difference between Republic and Democracy, and we accept speeches made in certain favors. Our money is robbed via inflation courtesy of the central bank, yet we seek to lay blame elsewhere or ignore the issue altogether. Our home values are in ruin while our incomes, buying power, and savings simply erode before our eyes. We continue to lie to ourselves about why we are forced to continually lower our standard of living while refusing to see that pattern over the last several generations. Your small rented house and carless lifestyle weren’t progressive; it was merely the best choice considering these truths.

Violent outbursts are now acceptable unless it comes from a conservative mouth. Disruption of the study is expected. Ignorance is the new norm; it is celebrated, encouraged, and rewarded. What other possible outcomes could there be for such a path? False, biased, and partial education, as well as contorted news, is now the primary source of information – if it is even reviewed at all. A world of information at our fingertips and preference goes to the meme or vine. No wonder school is somehow something they must suffer. What could possibly go wrong?

A simple glimpse of the markets and a history book foreshadow the inevitable, and nations around the globe seem to have begun their rallying cries and preparations. Yet, our nation would rather sleep or communicate with contortions, distractions, and lies. All of this is foreseen, and all of this is foretold. Still, all of it is ignored because it was not our personal discovery, not our own idea, or because we fear what our internet friends might think of us if we vocalize something logical. Shame on us for our lack of spine despite a clear agenda. We are neither free nor brave, as evidenced by our condition and lack of true desire to remedy it.

Care to differ? The borrower is indeed a slave to the lender, over 80% at the last count. Where does that put you; for whom are you the slave? Student loans, taxes, penalties, fees? Medical, credit cards, death notes, and auto? Six of one or half a dozen of the other. Between corrupt government and corrupt corporation, it’s hard to tell where one ends and one begins. Note the “vast accession of strength from their younger recruits, who having nothing in them of the feelings or principles of ’76 now look to a single and splendid government of an Aristocracy, founded on banking institutions and monied in corporations under the guise and cloak of their favored branches of manufactures commerce and navigation, riding and ruling over the plundered ploughman and beggared yeomanry.” I find much truth in the words that seemingly reflect our current situation. Jefferson would have likely ended his own life if he had seen what we allowed.

Our lack of Constitutional fortitude will surely be our doom. Perhaps it already is. All laws repugnant to the Constitution are void, and yet we continually pass more for the sake of a few. The real war being waged is for information to NOT be shared and, when it is, only bits. Some aim to suppress it altogether, and we fancy ourselves as “awake.” Make no mistake that the children of the extreme have already taken their strategic positions, and the world you know is about to change dramatically. I fear this change will NOT be in a Constitutional direction as evidenced by the lack of knowledge of it.

You need to start talking with your kids. Your children are washed in red. Their children are trained in red. As a result, those not working directly for it will surely accept it. The policymakers, teachers, lawyers, lawmakers, and police of tomorrow know very little of what I speak and yet march confidently in the direction of Mao. We see this truth in every Stalin statue, every Guevara t-shirt, and every red-wrapped fist beating those that oppose. Their parents gave them the ideas; their teachers reinforced the bias; they emboldened themselves through violence and will make policy that advances the agenda. If you remain silent and refuse to do your part, their children will rule over yours and will likely not be allowed to visit your stone.

Many of us could profess a shock, but that would be an immeasurable falsehood. You’ve been warned many times and for many years. Instead, we should confess our apathy, for that would be more accurate. I suppose it is of no matter, though; words such as these will only ever be read by those of whom I do not speak or those who will pass it off as negative rhetoric. Still, stupid is the shackled man praising his master for the liberties he himself cannot exercise. We were told that the Republic was ours; if we could keep it. Our excuses are running low. History may not repeat… but it does rhyme. Can you sense the correlations between then and now? I sure can.