My American Vision


It sure is funny how so many different lessons can be received and applied, many of which I can only assume were not intended in the first place. As you know, I study a lot. And as a result of the extensive research that I have performed over the past few weeks, there are numerous things that I have learned and numerous things that have already begun to apply in my own world. Today, I would like to share one of those things. It’s a vision. Perhaps with my sharing of this, we can begin to make another stride in the right direction.

I am often asked what we can do to start making things better in this country. I was asked recently why we do not see a unified front in regard to Constitutionalism. I had to ponder that for quite some time. I have discovered that the answer to these questions is both complicated and extremely simple. To begin with, a great portion of the people THINK they have an understanding of the Constitution. They had it read to them in grade school, so they think they know it. However, most have not revisited it, and even the parts they know, they do not truly understand. This has a lot to do with the vocabulary of the document itself and the overall lack of vocabulary of many Americans. Few people speak or live by definitions anymore.

Second, some people resist the Constitution because they confuse it with the idea of government. Some people seriously see one being the other. Or, if they do not see them as one and the same, they see the Constitution as weak for having allowed the government to grow to the level it has and for allowing the government to become as corrupt as it has. And this is where it hit me.

We must all remember that being able to share and communicate a vision is fundamental. If you are the only one with the vision, you could have all the passion in the world, and you would still run the risk of failure because no one else can see it. I believe that is our problem in this country today. Everyone has a similar idea of what things need to be, but that idea is vague, to say the least.

Making your dream the same clear dream as someone else requires being able to share it and perhaps explain it. This is where you will get buy-in and loyalty. This is how you will recruit great people who will rally to the cause. This is how others will own that dream and fight for it alongside you. In many ways, I have failed thus far in sharing my vision accurately. Sure, I have done a great job of demonstrating what is wrong in this country, but most of my focus has not been on the vision or resolution.

So how can we ensure that others see the vision or the mission? We need people to see this situation for what it is. If they see this, they are more apt to support it. For most of us reading this, that vision is the true Constitutional Republic. But we should also first understand that not everyone wants the Constitutional Republic or even know what that means. After all, most Americans think we are supposed to have a Democracy. Some are quite content with the socialistic police state that is coming to be.

If they do not support our mission, then we know that either they really do not see the vision or they are simply not the right people for the cause. Communication is key, however, going both ways. Are we doing a good job of explaining this? Are we demonstrating that our rights and our liberty are under attack? Are we showing them the cause and effect of the problem?

Obviously, we are not. If we were doing a good enough job, we simply wouldn’t be failing. For example: recently, I saw footage posted on an alternative news network of a Spokane Valley officer speaking with a local resident about the need for armored vehicles. The officers answer? “I mean, we’ve got a lot of constitutionalists and a lot of people that stockpile weapons, lots of ammunition, they have weapons here locally.” Never mind the irony that those sworn to upload and defend the Constitution are training to go to war with those who actually support and defend the Constitution. Ultimately, having weapons and ammo is not illegal, and if anyone in this country should be encouraged to have them, you would think it would be the Constitutionalists. We have a problem here.

We need a higher percentage of success in regard to the given task. That given task is the enlightenment of our fellow Americans. One person motivated to do something can move mountains. An army of people motivated to do the same thing could change the universe. Dramatic? Perhaps, but the fact remains and resonates something fierce after realization. Sure, there are other elements to consider, but this lesson needs to be made real for all of us.

Friends… I have a vision that I would like to share. My hope is that you begin to share not only the problems we face but the solutions sought. Here is my vision:

Imagine a nation where the Constitution was actually a good thing and actually the law of the land – rather than a list of polite suggestions. Imagine this Constitution was supreme to arbitrary laws and codes. Imagine those who sought its protection were the good guys. Imagine it was taught by schools, embraced by the people, and studied and understood by its defenders.

Imagine a government that exercised your power rather than forcing its will upon you. Imagine a government that listened rather than making decisions based on what they thought was best. Imagine representatives that feared you instead of laughing at you. Imagine a government comprised of the people working for the people and a government that was legally governed by the people.

Imagine a law that was universal, where those who made the laws were also subject to them. Imagine equality under the law, regardless of race, gender, or heritage. Imagine fewer laws where the people were allowed to exercise more discretion in their own lives and didn’t have to fear those who were there to help enforce the laws.

Imagine law enforcement officers whose number one priority was the Constitution. Imagine every community being filled with those who intimately knew the document they swore to protect. Imagine law enforcement standing side-by-side with the people who hired them against any would-be tyrant infringing on the Constitution or public safety.

Imagine fewer officers because of an overall increase in public safety. Imagine this increased public safety coming about because of ordinary citizens taking pride and ownership in their community. Imagine ordinary citizens standing up against injustice, defending their own communities, and having the means to do so without fear of hypocritical technicalities that would have them imprisoned for doing the right thing.

Imagine a government that wouldn’t search the world for a monster to destroy. Imagine a government that wouldn’t poison or drug its own people. Imagine a government where the globalization of freedom was thought of as a better idea than the globalization of democracy. Imagine a government that did not support treaties or organizations that infringed upon the unalienable rights of other nations. Imagine not having to be fearful of these same treaties or organizations infringing upon our own constitution… or our government allowing or even sometimes initiating them.

Imagine our unalienable rights… our Natural Rights… were truly rights that could not be licensed, adjusted, altered, traded, or taken away. Imagine those rights were not gifts provided to us by the government but rights that we were born with and were inherent by nature. Imagine that the rights enumerated in the Constitution to remind the government of what they could not do could not be taken away out of convenience or fear.

Imagine being born equal to your fellow American. Imagine that your labor was not taxed for the benefit of another. Imagine that certain classes of people didn’t receive special gifts just because of their status. Imagine that hard work or even smart work was rewarded, and apathy and complacency were not.

Imagine that theft by any name or code was illegal. Imagine that charity would once again have its place. Imagine a day when people planned for the future and finally had the means to do so. Imagine a country where people would be helped before big business. Imagine a banking system that did not rob from the mouth that feeds them. Imagine being able to keep what you have earned. Imagine any taxation being equal among everyone in your state. Imagine a representative body with the ability and desire to read and only be allowed to pass the law after review.

Imagine a country where buckets of money and perks were not set out to bait those from a distant land. Imagine that the people who desired to come to this land did so because of the prospect of working to become something better instead of having a handout for what was offered.

Imagine a nation where you could worship as you please without fear of persecution. Imagine being in a country where a particular belief was neither shoved down your throat nor frowned upon. Or better yet, imagine a nation where reason was encouraged instead of hidden. Imagine a nation where moral issues were taken up by the people in their individual communities rather than becoming national divisions or responsibilities.

Finally, imagine a nation where school was not looked at as just someplace kids were forced to go. Imagine that education was viewed as a privilege. Imagine that learning meant gaining. Imagine a nation where the smart were lifted up as heroes and celebrated. Imagine having a choice in where education was sought and what that education might be comprised of. Imagine that education would get helped before big business. Imagine that students were challenged instead of being held back. And imagine a community where its prized possessions included the intellectual.

I have these visions, my friends. The irony is that they are really not that far away if we would just simply chase them. Do you have similar visions? Do we share any common ground here? Think about what could be accomplished if we simply began to chase these one at a time… and did so united.

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