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Probiotics – What You Should Know

Today (after years of destroying our intestinal flora), we are told that probiotics are the answer. This may be partially true. However, probiotics should be…

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The Rise of Obesity – It’s Complicated.

Obesity is on the rise in the United States and it’s out of control. Is it as simple as eating more or do poverty and inactivity play a part?

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Servant Leadership and its Pitfalls: BE AWARE

Coined by Robert K. Greenleaf, Servant Leadership (SL) is a hybrid of Strategic Leadership and Operational Leadership (Blanchard, 2018). This leadership style is known for…

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The REAL Che Guevara

A few years ago, I saw a video of a teacher’s union marching down the street. These teachers were protesting in support of higher wages….

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Exercise and Sleep – Getting Enough?

Here is another topic I probably should not have to sell you on. This is because it should go without saying that our bodies were…

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Adjunct Solutions for Chronic Wounds

In the United States alone, chronic wounds affect 6.5 million people. Chronic wounds are a painful, expensive, and hard-to-treat issue. The problem is that somewhere…

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Has the Constitution Failed Us?

I have a LOT of respect for anyone who fights for liberty. Undoubtedly, many who subscribe to socialism, anarchism, or even democracy believe they are…

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A Leadership Lesson from Gandhi

The life of Gandhi, and for that matter, his quests, are often subject to scrutiny, wonderment, and amazement due in large part to cultural differences,…

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Finding Balance Between Sedentary and Exercise

Finding the middle ground between sedentary and compulsive exercise would likely be difficult for some. I know it was for me. A lot of this…

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Oxygen – The How and Why

We need oxygen to live. But how much? How does this work exactly? Oxygen enters the body through the lungs via breathing. The inhaled air…