Time to Get REAL on Immigration


I was recently asked why I am so against criminal immigration. Well, I could probably list over a hundred reasons, but a few things are worth mentioning. This is my rant.

And perhaps I am a bit of a jerk on this one, but understand that it comes with a reason. The topic of immigration is a simple one. It has nothing to do with race, and it has nothing to do with nationality. It is a simple cause-and-effect scenario that even the most ignorant should be able to grasp… but somehow do not. It’s frustrating.

First, understand that I welcome legal immigrants with open arms. To be honest, I prefer them to 80% of the ignorant masses who comprise the citizenry of these great states. Why? It’s because they know more about this country than that 80%, and they are often more patriotic too. Once again, that is when we are talking about LEGAL immigrants.

My family once immigrated to this great land for the same reasons many still do today. Still, they did it legally. Some would like to bring up Native Americans, which I could easily and quickly retort about the Celtics. Of course, most would have no idea what I was talking about. They only learned a little bit in school because they either didn’t like history or their teacher didn’t teach them anything worthwhile. So, let us not put your ignorance on display for this debate, if at all possible.

The reality is that many miss the point of the immigration issue. To begin with, we ALREADY let many people into this country every year. Nearly 41 million immigrants lived in the United States in 2012. In 2012, Mexican-born immigrants accounted for approximately 28 percent of the almost 40.8 million foreign-born in the United States, making them the largest immigrant group in the country. The U.S. also leads the planet in acceptance of immigrants to the tune of over 34 million more immigrants than the next most accepting nation. So don’t tell me the U.S. is not “doing its part” in this immigration game.

Let’s get real here. Confusing or blurring the line between legal immigration and criminal immigration is nothing more than an exercise of ignorance. Perhaps no one has told you about the problems or potential threats associated with criminal immigration. First, let’s address the numbers. In 2012, 46 percent of immigrants (18.7 million) were naturalized U.S. citizens. That means the remaining 54 percent comprises permanent residents, criminal immigrants, and legal residents on temporary visas, such as students and temporary workers.

Criminal immigration is a problem for many reasons but in great part because of things like the illegal entitlement system that is based on robbing workers of their hard-earned pay to give to those who come here to leach off of it. Remember that we have more people on welfare in this country than we do working full-time. This is a mathematical problem, not a racial one. You wouldn’t go to work to give your paycheck to someone who broke into your house, would you? But this is used as a powerful tool for those seeking votes in exchange for free services… services that workers do not get for free, hence… an illegal service because it infringes upon the idea of equality. Now, let me clarify that it’s already a HUGE problem with the freeloaders we have here in this country already; why make it worse? Notice that I didn’t mention race or citizenry in that statement. That was a blanket statement for a reason. It included all of the freeloaders who are abusing the entitlement system. Get rid of the entitlement system and the robbery that comes with it; then, I’ll support open borders.

A second and equally troubling aspect of criminal immigration is the number of gang members, drugs, weapons, and potential “terrorists” we are just letting in. Let’s focus on the people to keep up with the spirit of the conversation. We are letting in some 1,650,000 people from places like Syria, Iran, Korea, China, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. This number also includes people from El Salvador who are also members of the Mara Salvatrucha street gang, aka MS-13.

But I’m confused. I thought these people were the “enemy.” At least, that is what our government was trying to say. Were they mistaken? Do you not care? Perhaps they are not, which is why the government (Obama & Clinton) didn’t lift a finger to help those who died in Benghazi. Or maybe that is why they are currently helping to fund ISIS. It’s so hard to keep up. Want me to follow the terrorism propaganda everyone keeps spewing? You need to be checking everyone if I have to be a part of this police state.

Seriously, suppose we were to look at this logically for a second. In that case, I can only imagine that we wouldn’t let one of these people get on board an aircraft to come here without a screening of some type. I can’t imagine that you would be okay with any of these people boarding a plane you were on without some screening, right? I am pretty sure that you would require that their names be cross-referenced with some international terrorism watch list, at the VERY least right? Seriously, suppose you support the government’s anti-terrorism policies and believe they should keep us safe from atrocities such as terrorism and murder. In that case, I have to ask you: Why would you not want the government to cross-reference these people simply walking across as well?

We do not know if they are MS-13. We do not know if they are a cartel, terrorists, communist plants, or other potential threats. We could sure find out!

Now let’s talk about disease. You can’t take fruit across national borders without some oversight because of its potential impact on the ecosystem or the community’s health. These people are known to have all kinds of diseases, spreading them like wildfire to the point that the CDC has activated an emergency facility designed to monitor and coordinate “emergency response activities to public health threats.”

Still… with all of this being what I would have thought was common sense, we continue to see people insist that we just let everyone in because if you don’t, you’re somehow a racist? Okay, let’s let everyone in without a plan of checking for disease or without a plan for housing, medicine, education, or anything else. Let’s do it! Let’s see how noble you are when your neighborhood is overrun with gangs, drugs, and disease and when you’re in poverty because of the cause-and-effect scenario that ensues. Let me guess, more police and fewer guns, right? You got it all figured out.

The sad part is that when someone brings up logical points such as what I have brought up here today, the illogical retort is often racism and bigotry. Well, once again, we can see how in a nation where only 4% believe they have under-average intelligence and only go to school because “their parents make them,” it’s easy to get people to ignore the most basic of ideas.

Martin Luther King Jr once said, “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” I love that guy!