Let’s See How I Did With Projection


As some of you are already aware, in college, I developed something I ended up calling “The Three Rule Method.” This technique allows me to narrow down the best possible solution to a given problem, in the shortest period of time, with the greatest possibility of being correct. Eventually, I figured out how to apply “projection” to it.

Essentially, this means seeing into the not-so-distant future based on current information. Then, I started “seeing” things coming days, weeks, and even months or years before they occurred. I started telling people about it, and these people encouraged me to start to write articles and share emails about what I thought was coming. I did, and I called these emails “American Warnings.” Of course, that project would eventually become what you are experiencing today.

But I couldn’t find a newspaper or website to publish my articles, so I kept the email distribution going. I was not the best writer then, and I put way too much emotion into my words. I suppose I am still guilty of that to a certain degree. Since no one would publish me, I started my own website and began writing articles for it. Within a year or so, I was told that I needed to write a book – which was still premature because I still couldn’t write very well. Still, I decided to give it a go.

In 2005 I started the process. By 2007, I thought I had something worth reading. I was wrong. It would take another year of tweaks and revisions before I started getting the okay from friends and family. NOTE: To date, that project is still probably the most poorly written document I have ever released publicly: a book titled “An American Warning.” Riddled with typos and unfinished ideas, it was so bad we pulled it from the shelves within the year after having sold only a handful of copies.

Still, the book was also riddled with insight and unique projections. These warnings seemed extremely radical or perhaps even sensational at the time. So flash forward to today; quite a few people are amazed at how current events and news reflects what I was saying back then. Nothing to be amazed about; I used the Three Rule Method.

Some people unfamiliar with the method ask how well it can perform. I want to share with you just a few things that I was warning people about back then, and we’ll see how well those projections have panned out. I want you to keep in mind that each bullet point is pulled (verbatim) from the pages of the book I wrote YEARS ago… and you’ll want to stick with the spirit of the statements since some names have changed. So let’s see how I did.

(NOTE: the links are provided as current evidence of the statement.)

  • Iran is going to be on the agenda whether you like it or not. So is Russia, for that matter. (pg. 69)
  • Hamas and Hezbollah signed a formal working agreement to work together to attack Israel AND the US back in 2004. They both are proxies for Syria, Iran, China, and Russia. They are all working together and actively collaborating with Al-Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, and Al-Fuqra in the US. (pg. 81)
  • Every tyrannical establishment needs a scapegoat. The Nazis had the Jews, the Radical Muslims had the Jews, the Chinese have Taiwan, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and Russia has the US, and the US has radical Islam. (pg. 81)
  • The fact is that a nuclear-armed North Korea is a major boon to China and Russia. (And Here) As far as nukes go, both Russia and China are friendless in case of war with the United States, or at least until Iran or Syria complete their programs. (pg. 89)
  • The Americans have a system of military bases around numerous countries, while both China and Russia have none, with the exception of Iran and other terrorist nations. This actually explains the Venezuelan connection. (pg. 89)
  • China wants to be a modern-day world power(pg.90)
  • China continues to increase its military spending. They are building an even larger army than what they already have. You need to ask yourself why. (pg. 90)
  • (In Reference to China) It’s worse, though, their military programs will soon rival ours(pg. 90)
  • If this North American Currency or Global currency goes into effect, just how badly do you think the Chinese would need us then? (pg. 91)
  • It should also be noted that Russia has strong alliances with China, Venezuela, and Cuba. (pg. 92)
  • So now – we have established a Russian/China/North Korean alliance of some sort with Syria in the mix as well. (pg. 92)
  • Iran’s nuclear ambitions have been aided (if not started) by the Russians. Why would Russia help the Iranians? Well, I would answer for the same reason why China turns its head to North Korea’s little endeavors. (pg. 92)
  • (Belarus and Venezuela)… have formed “Anti-American” pacts with Iran, saying that the two oil-rich nations could destroy the United States. This is something to consider being that Venezuela has already made alliances with North Korea and Russia. (pg. 93)
  • Russia and Venezuela have recently started practicing war games with one another and are working together on military projects. (pg. 93)
  • …our enemies have Iran, Syria, N. Korea, etc. (pg. 67)
  • By the way, you should note that our situation with Syria is just now heating up. (pg. 75)
  • Cuba, being a very outspoken Anti-American country, has strong ties with Venezuela and Russia. The main problem here is that Cuba could potentially be a staging point for ANY anti-American regime. (pg. 93)
  • North Korea is very Anti-American and has ties with Venezuela, Iran, and China, and because of China… Russia as well. Iran is backed and supported by North Korea and Venezuela and gets its nuclear “help” from Russia. Additionally, Iran (through North Korea and Russia) would have support from China. China and the United States are having more and more problems every day. Russia and United States have more and more problems every day. (pg. 94)
  • In the end, China could ultimately dump the US currency they hold into the banks, which would destroy us internally as well. (pg. 95)
  • The war with Iran is coming. I can’t tell yet whether Russia will come first or second, but believe that one is on the way as well. We can only pray that people can heed this American Warning and not be blind-sided when it goes down. (pg. 95)
  • If we can’t afford to give a few hundred dollars to each American citizen without borrowing it from China, how in the world are we going to be able to afford “Universal Healthcare” without some kind of outside assistance? (pg. 157)
  • Now American citizens are asking for “Universal Healthcare” and huge “bailouts” without any regard for what that will mean for the people. People forget or refuse to see the big picture. Instead, they see something for nothing and pounce on it. They see protection, so they give up a little liberty. When government official steps all over their rights, they accept it because they work for the government. The sad part is we can’t see that we are the ones who pay for it… and we pay for it with our freedom and the futures of our children. And you must mark my words on this: BOTH Universal Healthcare and future Bailouts will mark the destruction of our great republic. It won’t take long for the inevitable to occur if either or both are realized. (pg. 37)
  • …if you were to ask your government to take care of your healthcare, they would give you healthcare; however, it would be on their terms. You gave up part of your freedom of choice because you asked them to take care of it for you. (pg. 41)
  • So insurance becomes too high, but people still need healthcare, so they turn to the government for this help. This help comes in the way of new higher taxes. (pg. 60)
  • Our economy is in the pits. We have depleted the US treasury with our war on terror to the tune of over one trillion dollars. That number is growing by the day. We are forced to borrow money to bailout execs and other companies around the US and banks the globe… …This, of course, means that Medicare will be strained if not bankrupt and social security will be bankrupt without some sort of massive tax increase… …So with that being said… we are faced with the threat of Universal Healthcare. Has anyone thought about how this is going to be paid for? Now factor in the amnesty part. No way we can afford this. Hillary Clinton talked about garnishing wages as well as raising taxes. Obama and McCain have said pretty much the same things. Sure, McCain talked of keeping the Bush tax cuts… but at the same time, he talked about raising gas taxes. Obama now speaks of repealing the Bush tax cuts, and we’ve already seen record tax increases with more on the way. (pg. 109)
  • So let’s imagine for a second that these ideas of a “universal” or socialized healthcare come to pass, do you think for a second that YOU wouldn’t be the one to pay for it? Of course, you would! Higher taxes are just the beginning. Your benefits and services provided by “free” healthcare will eventually be reduced because the cost will simply outweigh what can truly be offered. (pg. 144)
  • Our dollar is becoming worth less every day, and we can’t afford to pull ourselves out of this slump…  …Universal Healthcare is on the way. The right to keep and bears arms has become a privilege… not a right. (pg. 168)

As you can see… my writing at the time leaves much to be desired. However, the message was fairly clear, and looking back; we can see that I was pretty accurate. I was able to identify the creation of any problems with Obamacare, reductions in the services of that care, associated and increasing costs, the Big Five and their proxies (Syria, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, China, Russia, and Cuba), China’s growth and rise to power, Russia’s involvement in Iran’s nuclear plant years before it was discovered, the amnesty problem, a change in the world reserve currency, skyrocketing “record” higher taxes, as well as the coming wars and even the players in those wars.

These are just samples, of course. There were plenty of other projections, from a nuclear blast on Israel to Marshal Law on American soil. Again, not everything has come to pass quite yet. Much of it has, and some of it is on our doorsteps. For those who have read RELOADED: An American Warning, the additional warnings, clarifications, and suggestions only further the point. Some of you have already considered and commented on what I have gotten right in RELOADED so far.

I do not write this article to toot my own horn. Quite the opposite. I write this to demonstrate that the Three Rule Method works and is highly accurate. My model suggests that the time is getting extremely close to things getting rough. I write this because I feel compelled to let you know that waiting to prepare yourself and your family should no longer be an option. Perhaps my opportunity to warn my fellow Americans is narrowing substantially. In other words, STOP WAITING!

If you are interested in examining this model, learning how to use it yourself, or examining some more recent warnings, it can be found in the book or different articles here on this website. Take it for what it’s worth, I suppose, but the preceding was pretty damn close. Do you want to risk it when the evidence is so clear?

If you are interested in reviewing some of the information that helped open the door for me, you might be interested in reading my article titled “History Doesn’t Repeat – But It Does Rhyme.” Projection is easy when you have a foundation to work from.