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My Favorite Fiber Supplements

In my Nutritional Philosophy, I mentioned having HMOs and Larch in my cabinet. Since publishing, I have had several questions about both types of fiber. Today, I want to share a little more about these amazing fibers and why I always have some on hand. HMOs Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) are not really fibers. Technically, […]

ChatGPT is No Health Expert

A calculator is a fantastic tool. However, it’s really sort of worthless unless you understand how to do the math in the first place. The numbers you get ultimately mean nothing unless you understand what you are either typing in or expecting to get out. This means that you need to know something about what […]

Have You Heard What Niacinamide B3 Can Do?

Let’s talk about niacinamide or Vitamin B3. This fantastic little tool is something that we should all become familiar with and should probably all have in our natural medicine cabinet. This article isn’t about getting your recommended daily or what happens when you don’t. Instead, we will talk about how to use it to help […]

Carnivore Recipe: Montreal Deviled Chicken

You are in the right place if you seek a healthy, delicious, and filling dinner recipe. I call it Montreal Deviled Chicken or Carnivore Montreal Deviled Chicken. Technically, this recipe is either carnivore or omnivore, depending on how you make it. The difference is in the seasoning, but you can make this with or without […]

Nature’s Intent is Easy to Understand

When it comes to nutrition, many people are confused about what is natural and healthy. Some may be interested in a natural lifestyle and prefer natural alternatives to mainstream health solutions, while others may be dealing with chronic conditions or struggling to lose weight. What is nature’s intent? Two popular approaches to nutrition are often […]

Feed the Mind to Feed the Body

While it is true that our minds are amazing, such a statement does not quite capture their full potential. Of course, you are probably aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy brain, but this does not fully convey the significance of brain health. And while you may already know the value of nourishing your […]

Physical Activity and Overall Wellness and Resilience

A reader asked me about a recent study from the Tokyo Institute of Technology that said that daily strenuous exercise could shorten rather than prolong our lifespan. In their study, the authors theorize that excessive endurance training effectively neutralizes the usual benefits of exercise. I wanted to clarify a few things with my readers because […]

The Need for More Health Science in Health Care

When the sick are told to put their lives in the hands of someone unqualified to treat them, we know there is a problem. When the healthcare industry is complicit in the situation, we know there is a crisis. Nevertheless, this is the reality of the current health model. A fundamental change is necessary, and […]

B Vitamins are Awesome

B-Vitamins, in general, are extremely important for a variety of reasons. Specifically, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12 — play an essential role in keeping our bodies running the way they should. I am personally a big fan of ensuring you get enough B12. B12 is a powerhouse. For example, it helps […]

A Few Things to Consider About Bacteria

Did you know that you have more bacteria in and on your body than you have cells? It’s true. The latest evidence suggests that roughly 39 trillion bacterial cells live among your 30 trillion human cells (Crew, 2016). So, in a sense, you are not entirely you. Instead, you are a walking home to countless […]