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Leader-Follower Theory

In order to appreciate the impact of the Leader-Follower Theory in your workplace or organization, one must first understand the meaning of Leader-Follower Theory. This is important because the meaning represents a foundation upon which to build upon. The impact is the effect of the identified processes and behaviors that stem from the foundation. Meaning of […]

Real Leadership – Consider This

Many of us in the field of Leadership study and ponder the many different elements of what makes a leader, let alone a good one. Indeed, there are many components of the overall makeup, and a strong understanding of these does help. However, there is something that is often forgotten in regard to the identification of […]

Team Development – Stages

Imagine for a moment that you have been placed into a leadership position of a cross-functional task force, responsible for developing a specific process or goal for your organization. The selected team members will move to the same location (at headquarters) for three months. You need to understand that smooth transitions should not be expected […]

Ethical Leadership: Something to Consider

Leadership and ethics go hand in hand. I am a fan of analogies, so I present the following: perhaps ethics are the proverbial horse to the leadership carriage. Leadership cannot move without the ethical horse to pull it and/or guide it. Imagine having a stallion pulling a decrepit carriage or possibly even a sickly horse […]

The Guardian: A Leadership Lesson

Today we use the movie “The Guardian” as a leadership lesson, specifically, the “Phases of Transition.” If you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend watching it either before or after reading this, but it’s not entirely necessary. The lesson will become evident. So in the movie, the relationship between Ben Randall and Jake Fischer started […]

Structure of Decision Making

Let me attempt to convey my personal understanding of a few critical terms and concepts and their application in a professional and even personal environment. It is my contention that having a strong handle on verbiage is vital when one attempts critical analysis or decision-making. In regard to Knowledge Management or Knowledge-Based Decision-Making, there is […]

Three Vital Components to Leadership

There are three highly critical components of outstanding leadership. While they may appear extremely simple at first glance, they can also be highly complex at the same time. I contend that these elements may take some practice to master and that the time you invest is more than worth it. These three components are thought, decision-making, […]