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Leadership Style vs Trait – Things to Consider

Those in the leadership field need to fully understand the difference between leadership style and leadership traits. While many might consider the differences subtle, the truth is that being able to identify the two can and probably will ultimately impact your organization’s overall direction and success. What follows is a comparison and contrast of style […]

Leadership Lessons from the Mouths of Leaders

Leadership is not always the easiest thing to define. Perhaps it is a good thing to take some leadership lessons from the mouths of real leaders. Let’s consider the following Lao Tzu quote: “A leader is best when people barely know he exists. When his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we […]

Leaders! Your People Matter

Your organization will live and die by the people you choose to be a part of it. This is why not only considering the people you choose but also the structure you choose and the placement of those people is so critical. Here are a few things to keep in mind. Consider Span of Control […]

Typology of Power

Recommended reading: Confucius, Machiavelli, and Rousseau: Studies in Contrast. Because “contrast” they do. One element presented in the reading was Harvard Business School Professor John Kotter’s typology of power. For clarification, typology is basically the study and interpretation of different types. John Kotter’s typology of power is the study and interpretation of different types or […]

Knowledge Management – Cycle

It is vital to understand the following elements of the Knowledge Management Cycle and their respective importance because by doing so, one finds points of reference that can be more easily identified and adjusted if they are not implemented correctly or are not being followed in the first place. Upon discovery, a particular element can […]

Effectiveness of Amazon.com

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of Amazon.com. So let us take a moment to talk about their rise. The concept of Organizational effectiveness is an abstract concept that can sometimes be difficult to measure. However, by determining certain proxy measures that are used to represent effectiveness, we can […]

Walmart – Misalignment of Goals and Leadership

How can the world’s largest privately held corporation be willfully blind to some of its more systemic problems? The simple answer may be fear, but nonetheless, the result has already taken its toll and will continue to expand in scope moving forward unless someone in leadership begins to heal the gaping wounds. The direction the […]

Bad Leadership – A Great Book

Bad leadership: What it is, how it happens, why it matters (the book) – Critical Assessment and Personal Reaction Introduction “This book is about the dark side of the human condition. It paints leadership in shades of gray and in black.” “Bad Leadership” is the study of rigid, insular, intemperate, incompetent, callous, corrupt, and downright evil […]

Leadership Training

In this installment, we need to address Leadership Training. The question is often, “so how would you do it” regarding my organization? This is a tough question, but I think I can help you out. Imagining that I have been tasked with developing a new leadership program in my organization, regardless of the organization type, […]

Knowledge Management – Value

This article will attempt to demonstrate several ideas in regard to the practical value of KM to an organization and the effectiveness of Knowledge-Based Leadership, as well as the strategic value of KM to an organization and the effectiveness of Knowledge-Based Leadership. NOTE: a position should be ever-changing or refined depending on the information provided, and […]