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The Dunning-Kruger Danger

Confidence is essential for leaders. However, sometimes the level of that confidence is unwarranted. Moreover, such confidence becomes dangerous when the leader is unaware that such confidence is unwarranted. The Dunning-Kruger Effect is a psychological phenomenon in which individuals with low levels of competence overestimate their abilities and underestimate the abilities of others. Sometimes labeled […]

The REAL Che Guevara

A few years ago, I saw a video of a teacher’s union marching down the street. These teachers were protesting in support of higher wages. However, each teacher was wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt. When asked why they wore the shirts, they could not fully explain it (Pundit, 2012). One teacher went as far as […]

The Remarkable Leadership of Thomas Paine

A complete failure can change the world. Someone once perceived as a loser can inspire millions of people to do extraordinary things. Such was the reality of Thomas Paine. Today’s leaders have much to learn from Thomas Paine. Leaders would be wise to evaluate what allowed Paine to become such an effective change agent, considering […]

The Party System: There is Another Way

Have you ever given any real thought to the party system? Have you ever wondered why things continue to get worse? A reader contacted me with the following. “I often wonder why, out of the 327 million people in America and the billions spent in Post-Secondary schools, you have the choices for president that you […]

Does Money Make the Leader?

Recently, I was having a conversation about the making of great leaders. During that conversation, I was told: “I don’t have enough money to be a leader.” That comment confused me at first. It got me thinking about the prospect of “creating” a leader and whether money can play a part. While probably not the […]

Organizational Development

Organizational Development is a complex endeavor, even for the smallest organizations. This is because there is much to consider as the organization grows and because new perspectives and considerations arise with each new change. Ultimately, there are several specific strengths and weaknesses that I feel an organization should be on the lookout for. The following […]

Do Leaders Really Make a Difference?

I was recently asked, “Do you think that leaders really make a difference?” This is a great question, and while I would suggest that they do, I would challenge anyone to examine the why or why not before answering the original question. I think you might be surprised by what you discover, and doing so, […]

Leadership Skills, Abilities and Followers

Scrolling through LinkedIn, I came across an article on leadership that posed the question of the meaning of leadership and some of the skills a leader might need. As a leadership professional, I often review opinions and perspectives. This is especially true when such articles are written by those who have not exactly studied leadership […]

Bravery & Leadership – You Need One For The Other

Perhaps we should give some serious thought to the idea of leadership. There are hundreds of great books and thousands of great articles on the topic, each discussing many different elements of what makes a leader, good or bad. Unfortunately, so few discuss what I consider essential elements of any leadership idea or role. Let’s […]

Sometimes Leadership is About Compassion

Sometimes leadership is about compassion, and I want to show you why. Nobody is perfect. In fact, if you show me a perfect person, I’ll show you a liar. Yet we often expect others to act in a perfect way, or at the very least, we expect them to be on the same level as […]