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The REAL Che Guevara

A few years ago, I saw a video of a teacher’s union marching down the street. These teachers were protesting in support of higher wages….

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The Remarkable Leadership of Thomas Paine

A complete failure can change the world. Someone once perceived as a loser can inspire millions of people to do amazing things. Such was the…

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The Party System: There is Another Way

Have you ever given any real thought to the party system? Have you ever wondered why things continue to get worse? A reader contacted me…

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Does Money Make the Leader?

Recently, I was having a conversation about the making of great leaders. During that conversation, I was told: “I don’t have enough money to be…

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Do Leaders Really Make a Difference?

I was recently asked, “Do you think that leaders really make a difference?” This is actually a great question and while I would tend to…

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Bravery & Leadership – You Need One For The Other

Perhaps we should give some serious thought about the idea of leadership. There are hundreds of great books and thousands of great articles out there…

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Sometimes Leadership is About Compassion

Sometimes leadership is about compassion and I want to show you why. Nobody is perfect. In fact, if you show me a perfect person, I’ll…

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Leadership Q and A: Because You Asked

I would like to answer some of the leadership questions that have come in and some questions that I’m sure some of you may have….

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The Three Rule Method: Decisions and Predictions

The Three Rule Method is a technique I developed during college that allowed me to narrow down the best possible solutions, in the shortest period…

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The Leadership of Thomas Jefferson

Being a leader can sometimes mean just being in the right place at the right time, or even being charismatic enough that others will simply…