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Personal and professional security related ideas

How to be a Prepper – A Few Things to Consider

Since when did being prepared for something become a bad idea? Would planning for retirement outside of social security make you a “conspiracy theorist”? So why is it a bad idea to be prepared for the numerous reasons presented yearly? As many have finally figured out, it’s probably not a bad idea for everyone to […]

Phishing Attacks on the Rise

Over the years, phishing attempts have presented a real issue for individuals and businesses. Sometimes the attempts are comical, but sometimes the attempts are highly sophisticated. Despite the numerous warnings provided by experts, public awareness campaigns, and so on, phishing and email attacks are increasing. These attempts present a problem considering that more of our […]

Apartment Living Security Concerns

In recent years, cities across the country have been experiencing a sort of boom regarding the construction of apartment buildings and other multi-family communities. It’s not hard to see why. When you consider stagnant or even falling wages, increased inflation, higher taxes, rising housing costs, and so on, it doesn’t take much to see that […]

Leadership and Cybersecurity

Not long ago, I stumbled upon an article in the Harvard Business Review by Alex Blau. In it, he suggested that the leaders of organizations needed to change their perspective on cybersecurity and focus more on risk management. I couldn’t agree more. Whether you are a leader inside an IT department or the leader of an […]

Performing a Risk Analysis

Risk analysis isn’t as cut and dry as one might think. By definition, risk analysis is the process of identifying and analyzing potential issues that could negatively impact key business initiatives or critical projects in order to help organizations avoid or mitigate those risks. However, one must consider what risk entails to do this effectively. […]

Teach Your Children to Walk AGAINST Traffic

Recently, I wanted to do an experiment where I would keep track of the number of times I would see someone walk in the same direction as traffic. The plan was to count them regardless of whether or not there was a sidewalk, and I would do this for about 30 days. A bonus for […]

Security Ignorance – A Cause For Concern?

This week, arguably, one of my biggest clients decided they wanted to pay their entire invoice via credit card instead of the usual check. Thinking that my credit card processing company would have my back (because I hadn’t had a single transaction issue or complaint and because this particular client of mine is a large […]

Some Dangers of Social Media Posts

Have you ever given any thought to your social media status updates? Perhaps you should. While no one wants to think about it, you might be putting yourself at risk based on your post. It seems that our need to be connected via social media results in risky behaviors that too many are simply not […]